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Newport Beach Civic Center and Park
(# 321)
Images Description Credits
Submitted by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Design Architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
49 Geary Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, California 94108

Principal In Charge/Design Principal: Gregory R. Mottola, AIA
Project Manager: Steven D. Chaitow, AIA   
Design Principal: Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA      
Project Architect: Daniel Lee      
Project Architect: Josh Keller   
Designer: Chris Dobosz   
Designer: Sandy Lam   
Designer: Yung Chang      
Designer: Yvonne Riggie      
Designer: Ashley Hinton      
Designer: Brigham Keehner      
Designer: Christopher Eastman      
Designer: Dominique Price   
Designer: Helene Gregoire      
Designer: Jeffrey Lew      
Designer: Karolina Kaczmarczyk      
Designer: Lena Shah      
Designer: Michael Waltner      
Designer: Nick Ruiz      
Designer: Reggie Stump      
Designer: Ryan Simpson      
Designer: Shawn Wood      
Intern: Archer Farouzi   
Intern: Lulu Fang
Administrator: Erika Miele   
Administrator: Jen Kishi   

Associate Architect/Firm N/A
Name of Owner / Developer City of Newport Beach
100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660

Assistant City Manager: Steve Badum
Assistant City Manager: Dave Kiff

Engineer Arup North America
560 Mission Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, California 94105

Civil: Mathew Bamm
Structural: John Worley
Mechanical: John G. Williams
Electrical: Paul Barnard
Plumbing: Matther Williamson
Lighting: Jason Edling
Telecommunications: Bill Lizotte
Sustainability: Kirstin Weeks

Landscape Architect PWP Landscape Architecture
739 Allston Way
Berkeley, California 94710

Project Manager: Adam Greenspan

General Contractor  CW Driver
15615 Alton Parkway, Suite 150
Irvine, California 92618

Senior Project Manager: David Edwards
Project Manager: William Hahn

Consultants / Assistants Lighting Charles Salter Associates/David Schwind
Cost Estimating C.P. O'Halloran/Claran O'Halloran
Interpretive Design Allana Buick & Bers/Gerson Bers
Security Trans Tech Systems/Bennett Meder
Code The Fire Consultants/Jeff Maddox
Food Service HDA Pacific/Gary Hammer
Wayfinding/Signage PhD/Mick Hodgson

Photographer(s) Nic Lehoux (
David Wakely (
Karl Backus (
Steve Chaitow (
PWP Landscape Architecture

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