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Newport Beach Civic Center and Park
(# 321)
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The City of Newport Beach charged the design team with creating an iconic new Civic Center consisting of a City Hall, parking garage, library addition, and 17-acre park.

The council chamber’s ‘sail’ and neighboring transparent community space—the City’s ‘living room’—mark the entrance to the Civic Center. The Civic Green, bounded by the new garage and library addition, serve as the City's 'front lawn'. The library addition provides a new main entry and reading space.

Sustainability generated the City Hall’s form. The wave-shaped roofs shelter the two-story City Hall building; generous overhangs shade interiors. Clerestories with automated operable windows and dimmable lighting create even, ample light. Under floor air and operable windows provide views and clean, comfortable air. The project is on track to receive LEED Gold.

The new park includes trails, play areas, pedestrian bridges, a dog park, and two belvederes capitalizing on the site's commanding view of the Pacific Ocean.

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