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Louca-Acumulacao Museum
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Exhibiting artifacts from a private collector can be a fun experience with out the need to disturb the art itself. This design is a museum for a private collector with the site being in historical downtown Santa Ana. It consists of eight bands in which four of them are transparent and are used for circulation and natural lighting. The other four encompass space and program. The museum circulation swirls from one level to another through the carefully designed proportional spaces. The curatorial strategy is organized diagonally and therefore the visitors can be in one floor looking at all levels (a total of 5) to their left or to their right and seeing the continuum of the theme across and below. Fun, crisp clean and visibly pleasing this museum brings a new form of excitement and way to appreciate art to the city of Santa Ana.
Exterior Perspective
Exterior Perspective
Exterior perspective
Model with site
site plan
Interior Perspective
Interior Perspective
Interior Perspective
Interior Perspective
Curatorial Strategy
Example Of Levels
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