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Step 1,2 and 3
Step 1
ImageReview Eligibility criteria and determine the Category of your project.
Review the Entry Fees as they relate to your Eligibility and when you plan to submit. Complete the Entry Form (online) and submit the appropriate payment using PayPal (online).
Step 2
Upon our receipt of your Entry Form and PayPal payment, you will be issued a User ID and Password allowing you to log on and access the allocated work area on the Awards Program server. Using your ID and password, you may upload an entry along with the required information and may revisit and revise these as many times as you wish before you finally “submit” it before the deadline.
Step 3
After submitting, you may no longer make any changes or modifications unless requested by the Awards Committee. After committee review, your entry is posted on the Design Awards web site and your submission process is complete. Please review the Submittal Guidelines.

Submittal Guidelines
The AIAPF requires submittal of all material in digital format.

A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 digital images with plans and interior and exterior views sufficient to fully illustrate each entry (minimum of 5 for unbuilt) are required. Animations are not eligible.

Floor Plans and Site Plans are required for all entries, except Interiors category, which may omit the site plan. Other drawings, i.e., sections, axonometric views, elevations, graphic data and details may be included.

Views of both interiors and exteriors are required except when Interiors were done by another design professional. Exterior views should show all sides of a project. Exceptions might be party wall construction or a project with many similar buildings. Views, where possible, should show the project in the context of its immediate surroundings (i.e., adjacent streets and buildings).

Exterior views should be primarily daylight views unless night views relate directly to the project use or effect, such as marquees, or special illumination.

For renovation projects, views taken before and after construction are required.

Any visuals containing firm identification or logo will be rejected.

How to Prepare the Submittal Material
After submitting the online entry form and the chapter has received a payment confirmation from PayPal payment, a password to enter the portal will be sent to the participant.

Using the password, submitting individuals and firms will be able to upload images and text themselves and to adjust the display of their entries until they choose to submit them to the Awards Committee and the Jury. Once submitted, the entry’s display and content can no longer be altered. The entry will be reviewed and checked for completeness by the committee after which it will appear on the web site for viewing by the Jury Members and the public.

Common questions concerning the Digital Submittal Process and Requirements are answered in the website’s FAQ Section. Entrants should use the Contact Form to post their own questions.

Format & Size for Images
The digital image files (plans, photos, illustrations) must be in a web compliant format with the extensions .jpg / .jpeg / .gif / .png. Maximum width is 1408 pixels. Maximum height is 792 pixels. The recommended minimum in either direction is 700 pixels.

The maximum file size is 500kB.

File Name
The name of the image file should not contain any empty space or special signs. Please use letters and numbers (a-z/A-Z), dashes and underscores only and make certain your file has the correct extension (.jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.png/)
Text Information (Description, Credits, etc.)

The following text is required for a complete entry:

  1. Project Description (max. 3,300 characters - approx. 500 words)
    Example of possible paragraphs:
    1. Context
    2. Program/Scope
    3. Budget/Cost
    4. Special Challenges/Unusual Characteristics
    5. Solution/Design
  2. Short Version of the above (max. 1,000 characters - approx. 150 words)
  3. Project information including firm or author’s name, location and credits.

Note: Please confirm spelling and other information for accuracy as this information is used to create the Certificates. An award recipient receives two Certificates for each award. Awards Certificates will first list the design architect and then the firm..

Note: Do not include any credit information in the descriptive texts I and II

All entries shall provide one (1) 20" x 20" display panel for each entered project by Friday, April 29, 2022 2:00 PM to the Chapter Office for display at the Awards Ceremony. Descriptive data on each panel shall include the name and location of the project, the Architect, Owner, General Contractor, and other appropriate credits. Lettering shall be large enough for exhibit viewing. The project should not be described on the panel. The composition of the panel is at the discretion of the entrant. Rendered elevations or perspectives may be substituted for photographs only for the Unbuilt category. Each panel shall be 1/4" foam core or other suitable warp-proof material. To accommodate the display system, a 1/4" margin should be left free of any lettering at the top and bottom of the panel.

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