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The home is perched and stands well in command of the hill, still there is an inherent respect for the site, a lightness, a hovering of the horizontal roof plane referencing the unaltered topography. The venerable oak trees demanded this sensitivity. Materials pervade the interior and exterior imparting an honest clarity. The language conveyed through careful detailing is that roofs, walls and soffits are in tension, poised, as if suspended, and in conversation with each other.

The main living space is conceived as an interlocking volume, layered with lower soffits for shading and ventilation in combination with passive and active energy strategies.

Once experienced, the ranch emanates a feeling of balance, that all natural and all constructed, reside in harmony, like the home has always belonged here. The family uses the property more than they ever expected ... Further from everything, yet closer than ever to the life they love.

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