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2020 Design Awards Entries
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2020 Design Awards Committee
Award Entry Categories

The Jury will be directed to evaluate each entry based on the success by which the submission meets the Awards Program’s submittal requirements and each project’s program criteria.

The Jury will consider the magnitude of design the Architect provided in the project such as programming, site / master plan design, space planning, exterior building design, interior architecture, finishes and materials, structural & mechanical design, and construction observation to determine the completeness of the design effort.

Judging for Small Firm (in any building category)
AIAPF Design Award for the Small Firm: celebrates originality and excellence in Design from firm’s with (3) three or fewer employees. All project types (from Single Family Residential through AIAPF Sustainable Design Certificate) are eligible for this separate Category/type Award and shall be judged and receive awards separately from the larger firm Category / type Awards.
Residential Project Categories

Single Family Residences, Condominiums /Apartments / Multi- Family, Remodeling & Additions, Senior & Affordable Housing Units, Unbuilt Residential

Public Project Categories
Institutional / Educational
Educational, Medical, Military, Government, Transportation, Religious.
Commercial / Industrial / Recreational

Retail, Offices, Food Service and Mixed Use.

Warehouse, Research/Scientific, Parking Structure, etc
Hotel/Conference, Theme park, Museum/Gallery, Theatre/Auditorium, Sports arenas, Entertainment venues, campsites, etc.
Small Project - In any Public Building Category
Urban Design / Planning
Renovation - In any Public Building Category
Remodeling, Historic Renovation, Adaptive Reuse.
Architectural Interiors - In any Public Building Category
Projects dealing with interiors only including build-out or rehabilitation.
Unbuilt - In any Public Building Category
Projects "on the boards," previous competition entries or projects which have never been constructed are eligible. There is no time limit on when they were designed and no requirement for future construction.
AIAPF Sustainable Design Certificate
Any qualified entry in our chapter area is eligible for an energy "Sustainable Design" certificate for the project. This certificate is available with no additional entry fee and is open commercial and institutional projects only. Provide with your entry the required Title 24 form which illustrates the prescribed energy performance better than 25% of the baseline energy requirements.
Various & Sundry
This category welcomes entries of projects that do not easily fit into the other categories. The chapter encourages projects of all shapes and sizes that demonstrate excellence in design and execution.
Student Entries
Open to projects assigned and carried out as part of an Architecture program at a university or junior college level. Limited to one entry per student. Depending on the number of submissions, judging in this category may be performed by the Design Awards Committee.
Special Awards
At its discretion, the jury may award additional special honors to those projects that demonstrate excellence in the following categories:
  1. Crown City Award
    Awarded to projects that demonstrate a high degree of quality detail and craft in the art of marking architecture.
  2. People Choice Award
    All entries this year will require submission of a project entry board prior to the Annual Design Gala. Entries will be judged by attendees at the Design Awards Gala. The entry with the most votes will win.

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