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2008 Design Awards Winners
Institutional / Educational
****   Merit Award   ****
Dallas Police Department Substation
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This 38,000 sf state-of-the-art police facility rests on a 10 acre greenfield site serves a blue-collar suburb 15 miles south of Dallas. Clad in Texas limestone and stainless steel, the project includes community meeting spaces, vehicle maintenance/washing/refueling, and discrete parking/garden areas. The south façade invites the community via a projecting “jewel-box” community room and a soaring, glazed concourse. A “Main Street” capped with a clerestory light monitor traverses the structure facilitating social interaction and efficient pedestrian movement. A vaulted “Grand Hall” where patrol and investigations officers will collaborate in a flexible, brightly day lit environment anchors the arrival end of the building. This building, tracking a Silver LEED® rating, offers an appropriately civic “beacon of safety” image, reinforcing the connection between the local community and the larger City and Department.
Public Facade View
Site Plan
Concept Diagram
Floor Plan & Section
Public Concourse
Great Hall
Main Street
Public Entrance View
View from SE
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