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Architectural Interiors
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The Disney Store
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Completed in February 2007, The Disney Store Headquarters is a warehouse conversion project of the historic Royal Laundry Building (originally built in 1927), including an interior renovation and exterior improvements. The two-story 81,000 SF space was designed with allusions to the playful block building games of children to inspire creativity for the occupants. Large focal elements in the form of conference rooms were inserted in the lofty, saw-toothed clerestory space, creating an open and collaborative work environment for 230 employees.

Modular custom designed plastic honeycomb units, which form the “honeycomb conference room,” were conceived as a flexible means of managing sample product display. The system has subsequently become a commercial product manufactured by a well-known Belgian furniture company. The “block conference room” consists of vertically stacked custom foam blocks, forming the walls for a 20 person meeting room. These walls can be disassembled to provide 200 seats during company-wide meetings.

Mezz. Bridge View
Honeycomb Entrance
Lounge View
Brainstorming Room
Block Conf Assembled
Blocks Unassembled
Honeycomb Conf Room
Building Exterior
Courtyard View
Axonometric Drawing
Ground Floor Plan
Mezzanine Plan
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